Hi, I’m Jenn! The owner and founder of BAKED. I’m passionate about cake and obsessed with sweets in bite-sized, miniature form. Classically trained at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado, I am continuously learning and expanding my skill set to feed my creative impulses through sweets. 

I specialize in buttercream cakes inspired by local, fresh, colourful, high-quality ingredients. My design style incorporates simple details and clean, modern aesthetic. Each cake and dessert is customized to meet your inspiration. Every element is carefully crafted from the cake to the filling to the frosting, all baked from scratch by one person (me!).

Minimal and mindful composition. I do not produce replica cakes (e.g. a cake that looks like a car) or strictly themed cakes (e.g. a Harry Potter themed cake). Instead, I adhere to a more minimal and modern design. 

BAKED. began as a home-based baking business in canton Luzern in 2017. I believe there is a gap/opportunity to shift the cake and dessert paradigm in Switzerland from bland flavors and kitschy designs. Developing my own techniques, deemphasizing sugar and working exclusively with buttercream.

While most cake-makers rely upon fondant to implement their designs and structures, we prefer buttercream for its luxurious taste, silky texture, and versatility as a medium. It takes more time and technique to manipulate buttercream into its intended form, but the end result is remarkable.

I believe that all cakes should taste delicious and look beautiful, too.

So good and delicious



Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Cookies

Salty Sweet, good with Coffee

Key Lime Pie



Also very yummy


vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon curd, key lime


rich and nutty

Mini Donuts

Lavender and Lemon

Seasonal Ingredients

Vanilla. Lemon. Chocolate. Carrot. Red Velvet.

Fresh raspberry compote. Mixed berry compote. Lemon curd. Passion fruit curd. Peanut butter. Salted caramel & Toasted coconut.

vanilla bean. chocolate. cream cheese. salted caramel

Small — 6” round (15cm), serves 10-14

Medium – 8” round (20cm), serves 16-20

Large – 10” round (25cm), serves 20-24

Celebration cakes from CHF 150

Wedding cakes from CHF 500

Tastings & Consultations are available by appointment only for up to two people and last approximately 45 minutes. A tasting is included in the price of the cake if an order is placed. If an order is not placed CHF 50 will be charged.

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